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Clarification on comments re GeneticReference.sequenceIdentifier

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CLOSED - Need clarification on comments re GeneticReference.sequenceIdentifier (row 28)

Current Definition

DEFINITION: A unique identifier, within a specified database, representing an assembly of nucleotides used to identify a genetic variation.

EXAMPLE(S): NP_751919 is an identifier in GENBANK


NOTE(S): The genetic variation may be documented in a public database or in the protocol document.

Ballot Comment

need to provide the version number. Without the version, the reference is ambiguous and non-computable. Also examples should just list the data not an explanation.

Current Disposition

Pending Input From Submitter

Proposed Disposition Comment

Agree that version number should be included, and example revised to "'NP_751919<+version>' where sequenceDatabase = 'GENBANK'", however over the years the BRIDG team has found it is often helpful to have a little explanation or contextual information in the example, not just a single value by itself. Need version number to update model.

Outstanding Questions

  • What is the version number that completes the GENBANK identifier "NP_751919"?
  • Should the version number be in a separate attribute or is it considered part of the identifier via some syntax?
  • If it's not part of the identifier then it's not necessarily unique so should we change the data type from II to something else (CD perhaps)?


DISCUSSION 20160225: LSDAM didn’t bring in that level of detail and given that BRIDG is looking to do modeling by reference in the future, we are deferring this level of change except to amend the note as follows: NOTE(S): The genetic variation may be documented and versioned in a public database or in the protocol document.


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