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From time to time, other Technical Committees have referred issues reaised in ballot reconciliation to M&M for consideration. Usually, these relate to "methodology" issues that are unclear in the methodology documentation and that need clarification in order for the referring committee to reconcile their ballot negatives.

Referred Issues Database

In May, 2006, a temporary database was created that contains all referred reconciliation items. This database is only current for reconciliation sheets posted through the first week of May, 2006. Also, it includes items referred to all committees, not just those referred to M&M

Reconciliation Discussions

The issues were extracted from the ballot reconciliation data bases and expressed in two articles under this category: Lab Issues Table - 2006-09 and PHER Issues Table - 2006-09. Initial discussions were held on the M&M COnference call on September 29, 2006. The results of that discussion are reflected in the "Proposed Disposition" column of the two losts. Final action will be undertaken at a later M&M conference call.

M&M participants who wish to propose revisions in the wording of these dispositions, may do so, with two provisos:

  1. Please do not alter the first four columns (with the gray background) as these are direct extracts from the original spreadsheets; and
  2. Please make changes that are consonant with the original M&M motions. If you wish to propose a departure from the initial resolution, please makeit an addendum to the item, rather than a replacement.