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Lab Hot Topics are V3 Laboratory or Specimen Domain related discussions which require guidance or resolution from the Lab Special Interest Group. Resolution of V3 laboratory related issues is one of the primary deliverables of Lab SIG.

Hot Topics Sub-Lists


A hot topic may be raised by anyone.

To raise a hot topic:

  1. Create a wiki page (or using an existing wiki page on which the issue is already being discussed)
  2. Ensure the wiki page reflects the core of the issue, rationale as to why the issue needs to be resolved, and if possible, a suggested resolution
  3. Flag it as a hot topic by inserting {{Lab Open Hot Topic}} as the first line of text of the wiki discussion
  4. Send an e-mail to the [Lab list] with the subject line "Hot Topic: <some descriptive label>" and include a summary of the issue along with a link to the Wiki page

Resolution process:

  • Hot topics will be reviewed on a regular basis at both Lab SIG conference calls and working group meetings.
  • The hot topics for discussion at a given conference call or meeting will be governed by several considerations
    • Whether the wiki discussion seems to be close to reconcilliation
    • Whether there has been progress on the list servers and/or wiki since the issue was last discussed
    • Whether the principle participants in the discussion are available to discuss the topic
  • Hot topics will generally be scheduled for discussion either at the end of the Lab SIG conference call the week preceding a hot topics discussion, or for WGMs, as scheduled on the approved WGM agenda.
  • Results of Lab SIG discussions will be posted to the meeting minutes.
  • Hot topics are resolved by motion and context-sensitive (key interested stake-holders must be respresentived) quorum vote of the Lab SIG meeting where the issue is discussed
    • Depending on the level of impact and controversy around a topic, the resolution may be brought forward to other groups or committees as appropriate
  • A hot topic may be re-opened by quorum vote at an Lab hot topics call in circumstances where new information not previously considered in the prior resolution of the issue is brought forward.
  • Upon resolution, a hot topic will be either categorized as
    • resolved - if there are further outstanding actions to be taken by Lab SIG or other committees, or
    • closed - if all action items have been completed
  • Lab SIG will monitor the action items for hot topics categorized as resolved with a view to seeing them move to closed as soon as feasible.

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