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This section lists those pages that give guidance on implementation of a variety of topics within the Pharmacy domain.

To get a high level starting point to the implementation guidance go to Architectures and Processes

To Do

  • Provide better direction on how to choose the correct Medication CMET - was action item 562
  • Provide discussion of architectures
    • Make sure Dutch architecture is more clearly identified as being a variant of hub
  • Provide a discussion of whow to use pre-condition and pause quantity
  • Move dosage instruction topic in and add some explanatory diagrams.
  • Discuss selection of appropriate trigger events - was action item 588
  • Update timing discussion
    • Extend discussion to deal with R1 and R2 datatypes
    • Describe how to use EIVL (or not) for "1 to be taken 1 hour before breakfast" and similar (Action List number 751)
  • Describe the use of name parts ((Action List number 752)
  • Explain the distinctions between Author, Performer, Responsible Party, Verifier, Transcriber
  • How to use pre-condition and pause-quantity in a Medication Order (Action List number 471)
  • Provide a medication statement example for Fuzzy Medication Statements eg "I took medication x for only about 10 days or so" (Action List number 748)
  • Provide details on how to use "and" and "or" in pharmacy queries (Action List number 768)

Adding a section to this list

Create a new wiki page and copy the contents of Template for Pharmacy Implementation Topic into the new page to set up all the normal links including the category link on the very last line.


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