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CTS Implementation

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CTS Implementation WIKI

Existing CTS Implementations

Mayo Clinic CTS Reference Implementation

openEHR CTS C# Implementation

Mayo Clinic Open Source CTS Project


  • HL7 / Mayo Clinic
    • Health Level Seven (HL7), an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) -accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO) operating in the health care arena, recently published a standard for API’s to access clinical terminologies. This specification, which is called the Common Terminology Services (CTS), defines a set of interfaces that can be used to discover and query terminology content. The scope of the CTS specification was limited to (a) read-only use cases and (b) only the use cases that were necessary to satisfy near-term HL7 requirements.
  • NHS
    • A brief blurb about why you are involved and what you are looking for.

* Eclipse OHF Users are looking to OHF to provide a CTS implementation under EPL OHF needs a CTS to support a number of projects in it's future. OHF is a good and proper place to build a community of developers around an open source reference implementation of CTS

Project Team

  • Mayo Clinic Team
    • Harold Solbrig
    • Thomas Johnson
    • Dan Armbrust
    • Russell Hamm -
  • NHS Team
    • Adam Flinton
    • Bing Yang
  • Eclipse OHF
    • Grahame Grieve (Jiva Medical)

Project Lead(s)

  • Open (gg: Should be Russ Hamm ;-)

Development Lead(s)

  • Dan Armbrust


The CTS Implementation Wiki (this and related pages)

The CTS Implementation Mail Server

  • Established by Grahame Grieve, the mail address is:
  • To get someone added to the list, send an email to either or

Open Source Development Process

  • Open

Open Source Testing Process

  • Open
  • but we agree that regression testing is that basis of solid implementations

CTS Support Tooling

  • Required tooling that falls outside the scope of CTS that may end up being integrated into CTS 2

Front End Tooling

  • Front end tooling that supports browsing/viewing the content of a terminological resource via CTS APIs.

Back End Tooling

  • Back end tooling that supports storage and ersistance of the content of a terminological resources.

The Lexical Grid (LexGrid) data model

Eclipse Open Health Framework (OHF)

  • Ideas on how this project (or parts of it)can/should/may integrate in the domain of the Eclipse OHF


  • Open