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CTS2N - 7-Feb-12

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Minutes 7-Feb-2012


  • Ana Estelrich (AE)
  • Jim Case
  • Ken Rubin (KR)
  • Monica Harry
  • Senthil Nachimuthu (SN)
  • Wendy Huang (WH)
  • Jan
  • Brian Schwallier
  • Russell Hamm


  • A wiki has been established for managing artifacts. CTS 2 Normative Home
  • Craig Stancl is leading effort for OMG Finalization Task Force, and CTS 2 implementation Guide for IHTSDO.


  • RH - Should we start with PIM and map to SFM? Start with SFM and map to PIM? Does it matter?
  • AE - Suggest we start with SFM, and map to PIM.
  • SN - Should also bring comments to the FTF.
  • AE - comments to FTF were due Feb 1. New comments will be read by the FTF, but may not be implemented.
  • AE - Ana has taken the PHAST impl of CTS 2 and compared to SFM. Focusing on Read functionality. Will have something able to present and compare in the coming weeks.
  • AE - Ana has began an initial enumeration of functionality from the SFM.

Goal:  ''We will develop a functional matrix based off requirements specified in the SFM.  We will then map functionality represented in the OMG PIM, the PHAST implementation and other to form a functional matrix.  This matrix will serve as a working document to develop an updated SFM based on actual implementations.''


  • RH - Should we include rational in the CTS 2 SFM outlining decisions made in developing the OMG PIM?
  • AE - This would be useful
  • RH - The idea would be to provide background in the SFM to discuss decisions made in developing the technical specification.
  • KR - Much of this would be represented int he OMG Submission. Look to that as a source.
Goal: We will include rational in the SFM outlining why decisions were made in the PIM.  This will provide guidance to SFM readers, and justification for the requirements.  

Publishing Infrastructure

  • Wiki used to manage meeting minutes, agendas, and resources. CTS 2 Normative Home
  • Development of SFM will be done in HSSP SFM Template.
  • Author volunteers include
    • Senthil Nachimuthu
    • Ana Estelrich
    • Russell Hamm
    • Others?


  • RH - How can HL7 access OMG artifacts?
  • KR - John Quinn holds the OMG membership for HL7. HL7 and OMG share access to artifacts. CTS 2 can decide who has access to OMG artifacts for the CTS 2 project. This will not be a barrier.

Action item: Take an FTF vote to make documents public, and make availability to CTS 2 Normative wiki.

CTS 2 Normative Development Artifacts

  • HL7 SFM
  • Functional matrix (in progress)

Action Items

  • Russ to post wiki information for minutes
  • Discuss with the OMG FTF to have a vote to make the OMG documents public and available on CTS 2 Normative wiki.
  • Russ to ping Frank / Berndt on their CTS 2 efforts.

Items for Next Agenda

  1. Infrastructure / asset review
    1. Wiki CTS 2 Normative Home
    2. Project documentation
    3. Functional Requirement Mapping
  2. HL7 Conformance Profile
    1. What should it look like (messaging / browsing / mapping)
    2. What required functionality
  3. Value Set Grammar
    1. What (if anything) is implemented by PHAST or Mayo?

Issues for Discussion

  • At a minimum, should HL7 Conformance Profile be part of the Normative CTS 2??