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CTS2N - 6-Mar-12

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Minutes 6-March-2012

Roll Call

  • Ana Estelrich (AE)
  • Nicola
  • Monica Harry
  • Senthil ach(SN)
  • Craig Stancl (CS)
  • Kevin Peterson (KP)
  • Russell Hamm (RH)

Agenda Check (Add or re-order agenda items if needed)

  • No recodering or new items


  • Update on Google docs
    • Authoring granted to Ana, Craig, Senthil and Russ. If you would like authoring privileges, please email one of the authors or the vocabulary list.
  • OMG CTS 2 FTF meeting Wednesday, March 21, 9-10:30 Q1 at the OMG meeting. Goal is to talk through issues identified in the PIM. Some typographical issues as well as some more substantial items
    • PHAST will be represented
    • Purpose is to meet and review updates and changes to the OMG specification prior to finalization
    • The types of changes coming in are typos, and grammatical changes. Some parameters are missing in the WSDL and WADL. Some changes are not represented in the spec that are in the UML that need to be represented.
  1. Should column D be Mayo or merged with OMG PIM?
    1. Removed Mayo Clinic, only require
  2. In addition to column E, the powerpoint presentation has not been uploaded? Where is it?
    1. Russ to post to main page.
  3. Have Craig or Russ reviewed spreadsheet mapping PIM to SFM Operations.
    1. Russ has started. Should we try to coordinate a time with CS/AE and RH to walk through.

Action Item Review

Russ to investigate and establish mapping document and SFM document in Google docs

  • Google docs have been established for the Functional Requirements Mapping and the Normative SFM (links below, and on main CTS 2 wiki).
  • Everyone has viewing (read) privileges. Est
  • Edit privileges can be requested from any author. Current authors include:
    • Russell Hamm
    • Ana Estelrich
    • Craig Stancl
    • Senthil Nachimuthu

HSSP SFM Boilerplate walk through

  • Location
  • Structure

Action Plan Brainstorm

  • Reusable text
  • Typos
  • Core Principle alignment
    • Terminology model
  • Functionality validation (matrix)
  • Rationalization (OMG PIM, PHAST, others)

Action Items

  • Russ to post URL to PHAST Presentation on main page
  • AE/CS/RH to coordinate a time to review the SFM PIM mapping.
  • Russ to post the SFM DSTU Word copy to the Resources page.

Preliminary agenda for next call