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CTS2N - 28-Aug-12

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Minutes 28-Aug-2012

Roll Call

  • Senthil Nachimuthu
  • Russell Hamm
  • Ana Estelrich
  • Frank Oemig
  • Harold Solbrig

  • Monica Harry (regrets)
  • Carmella Couderic (regrets)
  • Farzaneh Ashrafi, eHO (regrets)
  • Harold Solbrig (regrets)
  • Fariba Behzadi, eHO (regrets)
  • Ebere Ogbu, eHO (regrets)
  • Vassil Peytchev (regrets)

Agenda Check

  • No changes or additions requested.


  • CTS 2 still undergoing OTC Vote in the OMG. Then review and approval by executive board. Want spec and schemas available from the OMG Site. Press releases pending. CTS 2 has completed review and approval by the architecture board.
  • CTS 2 rendering of meaningful use in October. (NQF, ONC, NLM, CDC, etc.). Developing a CTS 2 service instance for MU content. (!!!)
  • Proposed IHTSDO SNOMED implementation complete. Conversion to DITA underway.

Action Item Review

  • Harold Solbrig - see above (MIF, Lessons Learnt, Traceability Matrix, Github comments) – Ana to give update, Harold on holiday
  • Senthil – edits, semantic profile, CTS lessons learnt.

Agenda Planning for HL7 WGM

  • Presentations
    • Status of work.
    • Depending on what we decide before Baltimore, discuss if a Conceptual Model is necessary or not in CTS2, which one, if the CTS2 original one stays, the enhancements.
    • Discuss the enhancement proposed to the CTS2 (see wiki page, and hopefully we can already agree on most, the tricky ones will be expressing a single code etc.
    • The conclusions of the matrix analysis and how do we fit them in.
    • Conformance profile work presented by Frank
    • FHIR
  • Enhancements
  • Status
  • Work session
    • 21090 binding is not included int he PIM, and should be done in HL7.
    • CTS 2 must be able to implement faithfully terminology elements represented in the MIF
    • Need cycles to develop HL7 IG for CTS 2. Use IHTSDO IG as a guide for HL7 IG.
    • RH - how to help with cycles for HL7 IG?
    • HS - prototyped by mapping RF2 to CTS 2 structures. For the MIF, start by doing xsltt xform to MIF components.How are URS relates to code system version tuples, value set version tuples and code system concept codes.

Preliminary agenda items for next week

  • To be posed before the call

Action Items