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CTS2N - 17-July-12

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Minutes 17-July-2012

Roll Call

  • Ana Estelrich
  • Monica Harry
  • Harold Solbrig
  • Fariba Behzadi, eHO
  • Ebere Ogbu, eHO
  • Farzaneh Ashrafi, eHO (regrets)
  • Kevin Peterson (regrets)
  • Craig Stancl (regrets)
  • Frank Oemig (regrets)
  • Vassil Peytchev (regrets)
  • Senthil Nachimuthu (regrets)
  • Russell Hamm (regrets)

Due to time conflicts (work, meetings) the group touched base very briefly and used the reminder of the time as working time.

Agenda Check

  • No changes or additions requested.


  • Senthil will review document containig revisions from Frank and sent to Ana by the end of week.

Action Item Review

  • Harold Solbrig - see above (MIF, Lessons Learnt, Traceability Matrix, Github comments). Work in progress, EAP file obtained from Ana, minor corrections, a conceptual model is needed for CTS2. Ana is working in parallel comparing the CTS2 DSTU Conceptual Model with the PIM. Harold could use more time on the action items, Ana and Harold to touch base by the end of this week. Harold will go on holidays for the next two weeks, Ana the next two weeks, a touch base is necessary.

Accept changes for first draft of CTS 2 Normative SFM

Suggested Wiki Updates

  • Ana to implement some wiki changes based on Frank's comments. Done

CTS 2 Conformance Profile

  • Discuss format and scope - advice to look at Frank's proposal.

MIF vs CTS2 model

The approach taken to compare files. Ana and Harold will touch base to discuss the EAP files.

Proposition on how to include the results for the traceability matrix in the document

  • not discussed in this conf call

Working agenda for Baltimore

1. Status of work 2. Decision on the Conceptual Model (Core Principles vs. DSTU vs. MIF). 3. Review enhancements (as long as they do not affect the PIM) – invitation for Dortmund University 4. Conclusions of the matrix traceability and where to fit them in 5. Review of the grouping in the Conformance Profiles. 6. CTS2N and FHIR

Have a clear layout on what the Vocabulary WG is requested to examine/vote on - not discussed in this conf call

Preliminary agenda items for next week

  • To be posed before the call

Action Items