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CTS2N - 1-May-12

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Minutes 1-May-2012

Roll Call

  • Ana Estelrich (AE)
  • Brian Schweiller (Brian S)
  • Monica Harry (MH)
  • Russell Hamm (RH)
  • Kevin Peterson (regrets)
  • Craig Stancl (regrets)
  • Senthil Nachimuthu (regrets)
  • Frank Oemig (regrets)

Agenda Check

  • No changes or additions requested


  • CTS 2 session moved to Monday, Q4 at the Vancouver WGM.
  • Russ and Ana met to discuss PHAST CTS 2 terminology model includion.

Action Item Review

  1. Craig to email PIM errata list to CTS 2 group on Vocab list.
    1. Emailed on 30_April-2012

CTS 2 Milestones

  • Review of current (passed) milestones
    • Alignment of CTS 2 with the HL7 Core Principles of Vocabulary - As part of the normative SFM, produce a draft of the CTS 2 SFM for approval by the Vocabulary WG where the descriptions, syntax and behaviors of CTS 2 terminology elements are aligned with the with HL7's Core Principles of vocabulary. - Approved on 17-April-2012

Discussion: Ana has made headway. Russ to review and migrate to SFM boilerplate on wiki.

    • A Conformance Profile for HL7 CTS 2 - As part of the normative SFM, the CTS 2 Conformance Profile will be used to specify the functionality and semantics required for a HL7 CTS 2 instance. The CTS 2 Conformance Profile may specify what operations are optional or mandatory and outline the minimal functionality required for an implementation to say that it conforms to HL7 CTS 2. An approach to this would be to align the functionality in the SFM to the operational types defined in the PIM (query - read - maintenance), and then define what operations fulfill these profiles. - Approved on 24-April-2012
      • Discussion: Linked to Mayo Clinic work.

    • An OMG PIM/HL7 SFM traceability matrix - A matrix that aligns the OMG PIM and HL7 SFM documenting how the functional and information model requirements specified by the HL7 SFM are addressed by the OMG PIM. Additionally, this matrix will provide rational and describe the location of that operation in the PIM. - Approved on 17-April-2012
      • Discussion: Two existing documents.

  • Discuss deliverable milestones and dates for CTS 2. Potential milestones include:
    • HL7 terminology model (MIF based)
      • Discussion: What disadvantages or advantages are there in including, or not including a model. Including a model makes the CTS 2 SFM more approachable by those not familiar with HL7 Core principles. Option 1. Simple class diagram such as in Core Principles. 1. Do not include a model and depend on core principled definition. Option 3: Develop a UML representation of the terminology model as represented in MIF, for inclusion.

MOTION: (Brian S) We will develop a milestone deliverable to be included in the CTS 2 SFM that represents the critical (TBD) components of the terminology model as defined by the Vocabulary MIF schema. SECOND: Ana Estelrich VOTE: Motion Carries unanimously

    • Conformance profile for HL7 CTS 2
    • Document from implementers outlining changes to the SFM functional requirements based on user experience

MOTION: Develop a wiki page to track functional and information model clarifications to the CTS 2 specification. We will then address each on a case by case basis,and propose a resolution by each to be approved by the Vocabulary WG. SECOND (Brian S): VOTE: Motion carries unanimously.

    • Final document integrating the above
    • ...

Preliminary agenda items for next week

Action Items

  • Russ to update wiki with newly approved milestones
  • Russ to bring to the Vocab WG this week.