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CS Sept 2012 WGM

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Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Thursday 13th Sep AM Q1 No Meeting
Q2 No Meeting
PM Q3 business icontechnical iconreconciliation icon Clinical Statement (with OO and PC)
  • Co-Chairs
  • Ballot reconciliation
    • Last ballot was to action 2 change requests CSCR 044 Observation Causative Agent and CSCR 106 Encounter ReasonCode
      • Also made confidentialityCode 0..1 throughout (from 0..*, due to RIM change)
    • No negatives.
    • Comments to be addressed
      • One affirmative comment, judged as type. Motion to approve rewording Lorraine, Hans 5,0,0 carried
    • Next ballot
  • Updates
  • Education - email received today
    • Tasks are to fill in Tutorial Specification, locate, review and update course material and present.
    • Motion Hans/Lorrain - Communicate that if have volunteer then happt for it to go ahead. Volunteer must do tasks above.
      • Vote 5,0,0 carried
    • Action Rik - seek voluteer (possibly Kevin Coonan) and notify Ed Ctte
      • completed at WGM and emails shortly after, now with Kevin and Education
  • Pharmacy alignment
    • Rx to CS change requests resulting from recent alignment, review and approve
    • Changes are as sent to list 27th July
    • We reviewed change requests up to CSCR 114, resolutions documented therein
  • Actions arising:
    • Rik to forward Margaret’s ballot comment Excel sheet to Hans, to submit to Don
      • Outstanding
    • Jeff noted the the main HL7 website page for CS is not connected to our wiki. We need to investigate
      • Outstanding
    • Moved dispositioned CRs to right section
      • Completed 5th October
    • Continue with other change requests on conference calls
      • Outstanding/ongoing
Constellation D
Q4 technical icon Clinical Statement (with OO and PC)
  • Continuation of Q3 Rx related change requests
Constellation D