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Day Date ' Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Thursday 17th May AM Q1 No Meeting
Q2 No Meeting
PM Q3 technical icon CS/Pharmacy
  • Ballot reconciliation
  • Pharmacy alignment, short report from Pharmacy, further work Q4, CS at Pharmacy
  • Next ballot
    • Outstanding change requests, 044 Patient Care about allergies, 106 ReasonCode for PC and PA.
    • Motion to remove Topics, never passed (TODO get the date of this and the motion)
    • Update on ballot quality report (2 issues in there)
  • CMET list - email 22 Feb.
    • Remove old CMET. How do we deprecate it?
  • Product Brief - email 29th March
  • 3 year plan - Dave Hamill reply to co-chairs 10 May (TODO show the details)
  • Need for a new project for maintenance and housekeeping
    • check schema is good, anecdotal evidence that it is not
    • create examples against schema
    • ongoing RIM changes etc
    • chase up any mentions x-domains, harmonization issues etc
  • Discussion re CS and FHIR, SAIF etc. if time permits
Rik Smithies Pavilion Ballroom 3
Q4 technical icon CS at Pharmacy
  • Alignment of Pharmacy and CS
Port Hardy