CS May 2011 WGM Minutes

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Thursday Q3

Attendees: (note that this maybe incomplete, since sign in sheet was lost - if you were there, let me, Rik Smithies, or another co-chair know (email here [1]))

Rik Smithies, Hans Buitendijk, Patrick Loyd, Tom de Jong, Gunther Schadow (dial in), Paul Clark, Hugh Glover, Rob Hallowell, John Hatem, Rusty Henry

(emails are on an O&O attendance sheet)

  • Session reviewed ballot comments, with Gunther dialled in. Also established that the correct CPM CMETs were already being used
  • Brief review of compatibility with Pharmacy models, greater alignment that had been suspected, however fuller analysis still pending
  • Next Meetings
    • Continue with call, every other week schedule, Friday 10-11 US East Coast. Start 3rd June

Thursday Q4

  • This session was joint with and hosted by Structured Documents (see minutes for that WG)
  • There was discussion, about Clinical Statement status, relation to next release of CSA and prospect of it becoming a SAIF project.
    • What exactly this means not yet clear (until SAIF complete), but likely to include requirements analysis, with traceability to the models.