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Q3 – OO, CS, PtCare

Attendee List:

Buitendijk, Hans - Hans.buitendijk@siemens.com

Burckhardt, Laurie - Laurie.burckhardt@wpsic.com

Burgess, David - burgesd@labcorp.com

Costa Teixeira, Jose - Jose.a.teixeira@gmail.com

Gagnon, MariBeth - mgagnon@cdc.gov

Gustafson, Greg - greg@penrad.com

Hausam, Rob - rrhausam@gmail.com

Jones, Mark - mjones@orchardsoft.com

McCaslin, Ken - h.kenneth.mccaslin@accenture.com

Minaei, Behnaz - Behnaz.minaei@fda.hhs.gov

Pitkus, Andrea - apitkus@imo-online.com

Rutz, Dan - drutz@epic.com

Taylor, Sheryl - Taylor_sheryl@bah.com

Chair: Hans Buitendijk, Rob Hausam



• CS Update

CS Update

• Only outstanding item is the submission of the publication request. That will happen shortly.

• No other business, closing the joint session with CS and moving to OO business.