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CS Jan 2014 WGM Minutes

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January 2014 WGM San Antonio

Note: Attendance for the session is recorded as part of the Orders and Observation group minutes for the week - here

Thursday Q3 CS/OO

Chairs: Rik Smithies CS, Riki Merrick

Scribe: Riki Merrick


  • Clinical Statement Ballot
    • Passed normative ballot Sep 2013 on the CS DAM
    • CS CMETs were included in the ballot package, one of those is a clone of the CS DAM – but they were not officially counted as included
    • Now have to re-ballot the CMETs
    • They will be non-normative in the normative edition
    • We will put out NIB for the next cycle (May 2014)
    • We are aligned with most of the groups where needed
    • We do not anticipate many changes in the near future.
  • Ongoing:
    • track changes to the RIM and adjust as needed
    • We may have a new project to cover the maintenance mode for these artifacts and provide advice
  • Outstanding question: how would it work to templates on top of CS CMETs
    • We need to discuss if mechanism of templating actually achieves the expected functionality
    • FHIR does not have an equivalent resource as CS – present only as background – FHIR has only the DAM level, but not the CS level
    • FHIR only has singular resources, but not a “connecting overarching model”

For May 2014 leave as Q3 joint session, OO hosting

remainder of Q3 and Q4 unneeded and reverted to OO proceedings.