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CSCR-121 expand ControlAct to have AUT and RESP participations (Rx harmonization)

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Submitted by: Rik Smithies Revision date: <<Revision Date>>
Submitted date: 09-Jan-2013 Change request ID: CSCR-121


From Rx alignment sheet (posted to list 9th Jan)

ControlActs in CS and Rx:

Rx has this Rx CACT.png

CS has just a CACT and subjectOf pointing to choice box, outgoing only, nothing incoming.

CS CACT now.png

Rx DMIM has that too CACT attributes are a fit. But it also adds AUT or RESP to assigned person or assigned device.

CS AUT and RESP (off choice) goes to AssignedEntity, which assume is superset of AssignedPerson and AssignedDevice (looks to be but not double checked)

And Rx has an A_DetectedMedicationIssue on it (previously called IssueEvent) Which is a whole area featuring ALRT, is a subtype of OBS. Seems as if would be CS compatible (even if minor changes needed, hence don’t need to add it as a CMET itself)

So seems if CACT was in choice box that would cover it, but that is overkill.


An alternative to putting the CACT in the choice box, that is less intrisuve ands less unneeded stuff is:

Add AUT and RESP to ControlActEvent as shadows (since these go to AssignedEntity and so AssignedPerson and AssignedDevice and add note to say intended use) . Add a subjectOf act rel back to Observation in choice box as a shadow (for ALERT and so rest of CMET) . That way we don’t link to entire choice or have a messy act relationship going all the way up the diagram, or moving too much around.

CS Rx CACT.png



Recommended Action Items


Motion to accept: Scott, Ken Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 8 Carried