CSCR-075 Public Health Case

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Submitted by: Austin Kreisler Revision date: <<Revision Date>>
Submitted date: 12/17/2007 Change request ID: CSCR-075


The Clinical Statement Pattern doesn’t support the Public Health Case as one of the acts within ActChoice.


Add PublicHealthCase class to the ActChoice in the Clinical Statement Pattern. Add many of the attributes inherited from Act and Observation as well as the PublicHealthCase specific attributes, including detectionMethodCode, transmissionModeCode and diseaseImportedCode. See the full list below.

Attribute Details:

 classCode (mandatory):CASE
 moodCode (mandatory): x_ClinicalStatementObservationMood
 id (optional): SET<II> [0..*]
 code (optional): CD CWE [0..1] ObservationPublicHealthCaseType
 negationInd (optional): BL (0..1)
 title (optional): ED [0..1]
 text (optional): ED [0..1]
 statusCode (optional): CS CNE [0..1] ActStatus
 effectiveTime (optional): IVL<TS> [0..1]
 confidentialityCode (optional): SET<CE> CWE [0..*] Confidentiality
 independentInd (optional): BL (0..1)
 uncertaintyCode (optional): CE CNE [0..1] ActUncertainty
 value (optional): ANY [0..1]
 interpretationCode (optional): SET<CE> CWE [0..*] ObservationInterpretation
 methodCode (optional): SET<CE> CWE [0..*] ObservationMethod
 targetSiteCode (optional): SET<CE> CWE [0..*] ActSite
 detectionMethodCode (optional): CE CWE [0..1] CaseDetectionMethod
 transmissionModeCode (optional): CE CWE [0..1] CaseTransmissionMode
 diseaseImportedCode (ptional): CE CWE [0..1] CaseDiseaseImported


Public Health cases are of great importance to public health messaging. They certainly can be part of a clinical statement used within public health.



Recommended Action Items


January 2008 WGM - Motion to accept. Austin, Patrick. Against: 0; Abstain: 16; In Favor: 13

8 Jan 2009 - CSP v1.2.01 updated - CVB