CSCR-044 Causative Agent

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Submitted by: Heath Frankel Revision date:
Submitted date: 6 Feb. 2006 Change request Id:


Shortcut partcipation of a causative agent associated with an observation, e.g. allergy caused by peanuts.


  • Add proposed Causative Agent (CAUS) participation from Observation to Agent choice box (proposed in CSCR-043)


2012-05-02 Revision: Allergy/Intolerance is a condition in which an individual has a predisposition to adverse reactions of the allergic/intolerance reaction type. An adverse reaction is triggered by exposure of such individual to a susceptible agent/substance. The agent/substance is the cause or suspected to be the cause (until validated/confirmed by diagnostic investigations) of the adverse reaction given the condition.

It is important that Clinical Statement model contains Causative Agent (CAUS) participation from Observation to Agent choice box to support the inclusion of causative agent that may considered to have or potentially may trigger the onset of adverse reactions on exposure.


23/2/06 TC discussion add a cautionary remark to state that the domain using this needs to make sure any ambiguity created by using short cuts must try to reduce any ambiguity as much as possible. HB suggested that if harmonisation passes this will trigger acceptance. CB suggested this may be impacted by harmonisation decision.

Recommended Action Items

23/2/06 Action: Put change request on hold until harmonisation outcome known.

18/5/06 Action: Hans to forward e-mail to Heath whether he is aware of the outcome (copy Dan Russler).

1/2012 Reviewed at WGM, action on PCare to see if this still needed

5/2012 Is still needed, action CS to carry out change request