CSCR-023 Relationship Attributes

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Submitted by: Charlie Bishop Revision date: ?
Submitted date: 08 March 2005 Change request ID: CSCR-023

(Copied from HL7 Website Meeting Minutes and original Change Request)


Need to be able to convey more information about the nature of the relationships between Clinical Statements


Add the following attributes to ActChoice.sourceOf1 and ActChoice.sourceOf2/targetOf:

  • inversionInd - cardinality [1..1], conformance Mandatory and default of “false”
  • negationInd - cardinality [1..1], conformance Mandatory and default of “false”
  • seperatableInd - cardinality [1..1], conformance Mandatory and default of “true”


All of these attributes are used by NPfIT

  • inversionInd allows the semantic of the relationship to be reversed without changing the clinical statement that is the source act and hence the supplier of the context to the relationship
  • negationInd allows the semantic of the relationship to be negated (does NOT have Cause)
  • seperatableInd allows the sender to state that the source act should not be interpreted without referring to the target act.


20 April 2005

  • Meeting lost quorum, however the following was discussed:
    • Agreed in principle

05 May 2005

  • NONE


Motion (Charlie, second): Accept the recommendation as per the CSCR-023 for all 3 attributes except that they be [0..1], Required

  • Against: 0; Abstain: 11; In Favor: 31

Liora Alschuler, Bob Dolin, Heath Frankel, Hans Buitendijk, David Rowed, Charlie Bishop, Rik Smithies, David Markwell, Andrew Perry, Vassil Peytchev, Mike Kenig, Corey Smith, Helmut Konig, Karen Eckert, Jinwook Choi, Timo Tarhonen, Mary Ann Juurlink, Diana Perez, Harry Solomon, John Firl, Calvin Beebe, Marana Casella Dos Santos, Fred Behlen, Christina Hansson, John Hatem, Doug Castle, Matt Walker, Antero Ensio, Keith W. Boone, Christof Gessner, Peter Kress, Evelyn Hovenga, Anita Walden, Richard Dickson Hughes, Brian McCourt, Dan Russler, William Goossen, Michael Legg, Davera Gabriel, Mead Walker, Rob Hausam, Heath Frankel, Linda Walsh, Julie James, Masaharu Obayashi, Stephen Chu, Anmon Shabo, Mark Shafarman, Angelo Rossi Mori, John Arnett, Scott Robertson, Mariana Casella Dos Santos, Vesa Paxarinen, Austin Kreisler, Patrick Loyd, Ed Hammond, Tom de Jong