CSCR-022 Redundant Attribute

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Submitted by: Charlie Bishop Revision date: ?
Submitted date: 08 March 2005 Change request ID: CSCR-022

(Copied from HL7 Website Meeting Minutes and original Change Request)


Is it sensible to include attributes that must have a predefined value in the pattern? ActChoice.sourceOf1.contextConductionInd must always be “false”.


Remove this attribute form the message


The context of an existing act that is being referenced should not be modified by the reference. Consequently, sourceOf1.contextConductionInd should never have a value of “true” but retaining the attribute (even with a default of “false”) allows an invalid value to be transmitted.


20 April 2005

  • Decision deferred to a future meeting to allow further consultation on potential impact.
  • Agreed that if the CR is eventually accepted a note should be added to the model explaining why the attribute has been omitted.

05 May 2005

  • Really a tooling problem. If tooling fixed then would propose a value. Want value fixed as 'false'. Express as constraint.


Motion (Charlie, Patrick): Attribute to be fixed as 'false'. Put the constraint on it in the short term, and remove constraint when 'Boolean' can be fixed.

  • Against: 0; Abstain: 8; In Favor: 35

Liora Alschuler, Bob Dolin, Heath Frankel, Hans Buitendijk, David Rowed, Charlie Bishop, Rik Smithies, David Markwell, Andrew Perry, Vassil Peytchev, Mike Kenig, Corey Smith, Helmut Konig, Karen Eckert, Jinwook Choi, Timo Tarhonen, Mary Ann Juurlink, Diana Perez, Harry Solomon, John Firl, Calvin Beebe, Marana Casella Dos Santos, Fred Behlen, Christina Hansson, John Hatem, Doug Castle, Matt Walker, Antero Ensio, Keith W. Boone, Christof Gessner, Peter Kress, Evelyn Hovenga, Anita Walden, Richard Dickson Hughes, Brian McCourt, Dan Russler, William Goossen, Michael Legg, Davera Gabriel, Mead Walker, Rob Hausam, Heath Frankel, Linda Walsh, Julie James, Masaharu Obayashi, Stephen Chu, Anmon Shabo, Mark Shafarman, Angelo Rossi Mori, John Arnett, Scott Robertson, Mariana Casella Dos Santos, Vesa Paxarinen, Austin Kreisler, Patrick Loyd, Ed Hammond, Tom de Jong