CSCR-003 Observation Act Mood

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Submitted by: Heath Frankel Revision date: 3-Nov-04
Submitted date: 30-Oct-04 Change request ID: CSCR-003

(Copied from HL7 Website Meeting Minutes and original Change Request)


Goal mood is required to be used within the Observation Act and likely that other moods will also be required along with other acts in the clinical statement.


Change Observation moodCode domain to ActMood or create a new xDomain to allow goal mood to be used. In the later case, further analysis should also be done to ensure all moods required within the clinical statement observation act are included such as Evt.Crt. If the most general domain is included then the referenceRange, conditions and precondition Act relationships could be collapsed into the generic clinical statement structures. Review of moodCode domain for all other clinical statement acts should be done. At the very least the xDocumentXxxx domain should either be replaced or renamed, as the clinical statement is no longer only applicable to CDA.


Goal mood and others may be required within the clinical statement Acts.


Recommended Action Items


Proposal is to include a goal and create a new x-domain to include this. Clinical Statement Mood x-domain: EVN, DEF, GOL, INT, PRMS, PRP, RQL, APT, ARQ. Against: 0, Abstain: 0, In Favor: 5. Heath will submit harmonization proposal.

Gaby Jewell, Heath Frankel, Bob Dolin, Hans Buitendijk, Dan Russler, Steven Chu