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CMHAFF call, Thursday, Sept 7

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Preliminary agenda -- still being edited

ATTENDEES: David Tao, Frank Pfloeg, Gary Dickinson, Adamu Haruna


  • Review two European documents for appropriateness to add to cMHAFF
    • Recommendations on French Good Practice Guidelines Technical Content: Data Flow section. This is the only section of the French GPG not yet triaged for cMHAFF.
      • Add to cMHAFF requirement for Data Import/Export (SHOULD import and export, and if you do, then SHALL document data formats). Adamu explained that the goal is to not lose data that you (the consumer) have taken the trouble to collect either due to lack of capability or proprietary nature of the app.
      • Add Data Hosting Arrangement -- important to keep data safe. SHALL[IF] personal data are hosted.
      • Add Data Hosting Backup, documentation of what's done, but not prescriptive on how. Important for transparency, even though some apps (particular free apps) may do very little, at least the consumer can be aware of it.
      • Do NOT add Data Model requirement. Too overreaching to require documentation of data model (even EHR regulations don't require that).
      • Backward compatibility -- implicitly covered, but add explicitly to Product Information: Limitations
    • Review of German "Chances and Risks of Mobile Health Applications"
  • Other content review for existing cMHAFF draft
    • DKT5 -- Our "asks" for balloters in January -- the group reviewed and agreed that this is appropriate.
    • DKT6 -- should we keep this section at all? -- probably don't need to keep it, though it can still be a helpful summary of the use cases (if kept, it needs to be not be US-specific)
    • DKT10 -- Secure coding guidelines reference? -- deferred
    • DKT37 -- parking lot item -- see if anyone has information about this -- deferred, awaiting response to listserv inquiry

NO cMHAFF CALL ON SEPT 14th. Next call will be SEPT 21.