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CMHAFF call, Thursday, Oct 5

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ATTENDEES: David Tao, Adamu Haruna, Nathan Botts, Gary Dickinson


  • Review of U.K. PAS277 Guidelines (new document recommended in San Diego) -- Adamu Haruna
    • Adamu's recommendations were discussed, and the results will be incorporated into the next draft of cMHAFF.
  • The following items were on the agenda but we ran out of time. They will be first for the agenda next week (Oct 12).
    • Review short descriptions (most are new) of each section at the Heading 3 level (e.g., 3.4.1 User Authentication, 3.4.2 User Authorizations...)
    • Review first drafts of cMHAFF Label, a visual summary of key facts about an app and its conformance to cMHAFF (David)
      • Review of Label format and "consumer friendly language" descriptions (new Section 2.2 in cMHAFF document). Note: Nathan suggested that each category be represented by a single word (like a Nutrition Label "Cholesterol," "Protein," etc., rather than a sentence. As long as the meaning is understandable.
      • Work through two sections as examplars: Product Information and User Authorization (Consent) for Data Collection and Use, to explore how the label score (green/yellow/red) might be determined by conformance statements, and who would decide (self-attestation vs inspection vs test vs ____?).
      • Notes from previous discussion (Sept 21st): some information would be provided by self-declaration, but other parts might come from testing or certification. Adamu suggested a simple visual approach, such as "red, yellow, green" lights, possibly combined with symbols. We looked through several cMHAFF sections, envisioning how they might be summarized on this label. Unlike a food or drug label, it does not have to fit on a physical "box," so we expect that it will be a tabular/graphical representation, not to exceed one page.