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CMHAFF call, Monday, March 27

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Attendees: Nathan Botts, David Tao, Paul Terwilger, Bill Kleinbecker

Reviewed the latest cMHAFF draft Scope (p 7-8) and Use Case C plus Risk Assessment (p 12-16).

  • There was general agreement on the Scope statement. Beth Pumo was unable to attend the call, but emailed that she liked the Scope section.
  • Use Case C description was edited. It was also suggested that Use Case B be modified to include the app giving "advice" to the user, pushing it into the realm of FDA regulated devices, even though HIPAA does not apply.
  • Decision tree questions should be worded in third person, avoiding saying "you/your"
  • FTC questions should be retained only if they point to cMHAFF conformance criteria, not if they only point to Federal regulations, since that would be redundant and could possibly grow out of sync with FTC.
  • For the next meeting, David will rework the Risk Assessment, trying to organize the decision tree questions into fewer, simpler categories, perhaps by domain, so that there is a clearer link between the risk and the cMHAFF conformance criteria.

There will not be a meeting on April 3rd. Next meeting will be April 10th.