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  • Manage the CMET Identifier and Name Spaces for HL7 UV CMETs
    • Maintain CMET Master Spreadsheet - ok
    • Manage "root" of cmet names as (example) A_ObservationYadaYadaYada
      • Prefix is obvious
      • second element is the name determined by the root classCode
      • YadaYadaYada should be as generic as possible and represent the content
  • Manage the "attribution-level" names and definitions
    • Publish a pre-defined set as "preferrred" - if it matches your intentions, use it.
    • Review non-"universal" attributions to be sure they are
      1. Proper constraint on the "universal", if a "universal" exists
      2. Constraint patterns are appropriate to attribution level definition
  • Act as Coordinator
    • Assure that Naming is "consistent"
    • Needs strong Style Guides that are "testable"
    • Allow as much independence to the domains as possible
      • Have "managed" "UV" CMETs with domain identifiers from "parent" domain
      • Verify that "new" publishing leaves CMET "primary" content in domain directories and builds the "Common" stuff by "including" these
  • Revise and then Facilitate ANSI Registrations for releases


Processes are being established from the request, assignment and tracking of individual CMETs through the ballot process.

  • The request process is formalized through a GForge tracker.
  • Balloting will be formalized via the NIB form (to be completed)
  • Ballot results is currently a formal process
  • As CMETs pass ballot, they will be submitted (via the request to publish form) to ANSI