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CMET Maintenance and Ballot Procedures

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Last Updated: March 26, 2014

CMET Balloting


CMETs Release 1 was comprised of a full set of CMETs covering many domains and were balloted as a block. Modelling & Methodology was work group responsible for managing the ballot process. CMETs Release 2 provided additional CMET from Release 1 (release 2 was cumulative with the release 1 CMETs). The cumulative mechanism was adopted for releases of CMETs going forward.

Release 1 and Release 2 were submitted for ANSI certification. Unfortunately following these two releases, the submissions to ANSI were not kept up to date with the actual balloting of CMETs. CMET Release 3 to 9 were balloted but submitted.

For a period of time, CMET Releases seemed to be numbered in conjunction with Normative Edition releases. For example, CMET Release 5 came out as part of Normative Edition 2005. When no new release of CMETs was provided in Normative Edition 2008 but a new release of CMETs was done for Normative Edition 2009, most people simply skipped Release 8 creating further confusion in the CMET release names.

When it was discovered that the CMET releases needed to be submitted to ANSI, it was decided to re-ballot Releases 3 through 9 with an up-down ballot.