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CIMI WGM Agenda May 2016

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Day Time   Room Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
May 8
AM Q1 Administration (week planning, wg health, project status updates)    
Q2 Governance, what's in the modeling pipeline, how are models approved, what goes in the repository     Stan  
PM Lunch How when and why are model transformations done (isosemantic, translation to design models) Claude, Richard  
Q3 Design - composition Claude  
Q4 Design - Alignment with FHIM Galen  
May 9
AM Q1 Tooling: ISAAC, IHTSDO, 'archetype design tool' Craig, Keith, Harold, Linda
Q2 Semantics & alignment with models of meaning, e.g., SNOMED CT; binding; handling federated terminologies; selection of concept identifiers (e.g., LOINC vs Observable)     Jay, Claude, Keith  
lunch Semantics & alignment with IHTSDO Linda  
PM Q3 Quality Metrics for DCMs, incl. ISO Sun-Ju  
Q4 Tooling 2: SCT CIMI identifer tool, knowledge management, experimental integration with CQL Harold, Richard  
Day Time   Room Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
May 10
AM Q1 Salon 6 & 7 @ Patient Care, skin breakdown Patient Care CIMI Jay, Susan, Harold  
Q2 Salon Drummond Centre Argonauts   Stan
PM lunch
No meeting. Previously CIMI meeting with FHIR Core Team  
Q3 Salle De Bal East At Vocabulary Vocabulary CIMI  
Q4 Salon 6 & 7 Vocabulary        
Day Time   Room Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
May 11
AM Q1 Salon Hemon @ CQI CQI CIMI Claude, Bryn, Ken  
Q2 Salon Hemon FHIR semantics; representing archetypes as structure definitions Grahame  
PM Q3 Salon Hemon RM (status); AML to ADL transforms (i.e., FHIM); possible RDF support Michael
Q4 Salle De Bal East CIMI CQI and CDS Claude, Bryn, Ken
Day Time   Room Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
May 12
AM Q1 Suite 701 @ CIC DAM Data Elements CIC CIMI
Q4   NOT MEETING        
Day Time   Room Event Host Joining Chair Scribe
May 13
Q2   NOT MEETING        
PM Q3   NOT MEETING        
Q4   NOT MEETING        


Sunday Q3

HL7 CIMI Meeting Agenda/Minutes
Location: Room xyz Date: 2016-01-10
Time: 11:00 AM Central
Facilitator: Note taker(s):
Attendee Name, Affiliation
. .
Quorum Requirements Met (co-chair plus 3 counting staff):

Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

Sunday Q4

Attendees Michale Van der Zel, Jay Lyle, Chris Millet, Floyd Eisenberg, Susan Matney, Craig Parker, Joey Coyle, Stan Huff, Linda Bird, Harold Solbrig, Claude Nanjo, Richard Esmond, 3-6 others

  • Jay presented the FHIM at a high level, including intended uses and a brief view of the model.
  • The expectation is that FHIM could provide a framework for inserting CIMI components.
  • The question of composition was addressed. A CIMI indivisible model must provide the context necessary for its interpretation, so logically, a panel would contain repetitive context information, but an implementation could use pointers to avoid excessive repetition.
  • We need to address the compositional dimensions Claude brings up; they seem to be orthogonal to the compositional concept of FHIM/CIMI
  • Question: is this specialization or constraint? Does it matter?
  • We need an approach for templating (localizing) archetypes
  • Stan to provide a list of questions already identified for task force

Monday Q2

  • Claude and Harold presented slides on the CQI approach to model composition and on AML representation of terminology bindings.
  • Linda presented ongoing work on IHTSDO syntax development and a preview of some SCT/FHIR mapping thoughts.
  • Jay presented slides on a project to use xslt to transform archetypes into owl xml. Questions included the following:
    • Maturity of CIMI models: actually, current drafts are based on extensive harmonization, and model bindings to SCT may be incomplete but are vetted. What we are actually missing is a clear governance path so you can tell what's official and what's in process.
    • Maturity of Observable model: a new version is available, or is to be available.
    • Value set binding syntax: it's a URI. How this is to be resolved is the responsibility of a service, not CIMI.
    • Refset bindings will require a service in order to create closure axioms for owl.
    • XML version of CIMI archetypes is not normative. This one we should discuss.

Monday Lunch