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CIMI Ballot effort January 2017

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  1. complete requirements, semantic definitions & bindings for identified classes (skin assessment evaluation, lesion, procedure . .
  2. complete RM classes to support requirements
  3. build archetypes
  4. assemble ballot, including RM, archetypes, questions, principles


11/14 export:


point to spreadsheets on google

Ballot content

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  1. what criterion can we use to determine whether a property should be
    1. an attribute in Assertion
    2. attribute in specialization of Assertion, or
    3. a constrained evaluation?
  2. Need to distinguish causativeAgent from dueTo
    1. endogenous vs exogenous axis
    2. material entity vs process axis
  3. Need to distinguish /disambiguate course, episodicity, periodicity. Note SCT definition for clinical course is "both the course and onset of a disease."
  4. Do we need Interpretation in Assertion?
  5. "hasDefinitionalManifestation" looks pretty definitional; belongs in knowledge base, not instance model
  6. How does periodOfLife differ from diseasePhase? Is it definitional?
  7. diagnosisDate: if the assertion is a diagnosis, this is redundant (whether it's statement date or onset date). If the assertion is not the diagnosis, we need a link, not just a date.
  8. ulcer stages: precoord or post?