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CG Roadmap

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Ongoing work

  • FHIR resources/profiles/extensions to support CG
  • Common information model to align all standards
  • Period review of DAM
    • Prioritize use cases
    • Ensure products support prioritized use cases

Encourage collaborations

  • Assign liaisons to HL7 WGs
  • Assign liaisons to external groups
  • Sharable, one page description of what/who we are to be distributed electronically or in hard copy)
    • Touch base with HL7 leadership regarding approvals needed prior to distributing material

Other collaboration options

  • Internal and external (e.g., posters at conferences) road shows? Webinars at community groups?
  • Scientific publications showing need, adoption (pilots), evaluation?
  • Reach out to informatics programs (training programs)?
  • Review membership levels, need a way for students/contracters/etc to get involved

Help newcomers

  • Develop an “intro to CG products” guide for where to find things and summarizes the basics (call logistics, main URLs to know, etc)
  • Proactively decide on conventions for naming, locations, etc of docs (for when we move to github)
  • Focus organization on discoverability (esp via google)