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CGIT concall 20160321

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Meeting Information

Proposed Agenda Topics

  • Question about Delete "" Fields in HL7 v2
  • Continued Discussion: Data Type Flavors Proposal
  • HL7 v2.9 co-sponsor vote - Discussion on Language in Chap 2B
  • Question about conformance of echoed items, example problem from V2 Immunization domain
  • CGIT renamed to Conformance WG and Wiki Update
  • (maybe) V2 Immunization Testing

Running List of topics

  • Topics for May 2016 Meeting
  • Start going through Data Type flavors


  • Discussion about Delete "" Fields in HL7 v2 Implementation Guides. Need guidance so we can document it a consistent way.
    • Is it allowed to populate a Required (R) field with only ""?
      • No, no. Definitely not.
    • Does the definition of the RE usage negate the need for "" for fields and segments?
      • Nothing wrong with it.
    • Does the guidance in the base standard for repeating fields also apply to non-repeating fields? For example, what happens if the sending system wants to delete the Date of Birth in an update message?
    • Depending on the answers above, is the use of "" even expected to be required for IGs operating in Snapshot mode? And if so, are the rules different for segments than they are for fields/components/subcomponents?
    • Underlying foundational statement: In general you want to send as data rich of payload as you can.
    • Delete is fundamental concept in V2. So sender should be capable of sending it and receiver has to be able to accept it and process it. Notifying the receiver that what I sent you previously is incorrect and I suggesting that you delete it. If the receiver has different sources of data it may have other reasons to keep data, but it now knows the data originally submitted is not correct.
    • Should there be test cases for deletes? For both senders and receivers? Yes, it could be in play.
    • Craig will review the notes and take this back to PHER for further discussion.

Meeting Minutes

Todo Items