CGIT concall 20150831

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Meeting Information

Proposed Agenda Topics

  • Discussion on documenting support during implementation
  • Tooling discussion, preparation for in person meeting
  • Frank's proposal for HL7 v2+ (if Frank is read to share)

Meeting Minutes


  • Nathan Bunker
  • AbdulMalik Shakir
  • Eric Larson
  • Frank Oemig
  • Rob Snelick

Items Discussed

  • Nathan Bunker gave presentation on AIRA-NIST joint project to record implementation guides for immunization registries
  • The need to discuss how Acks are constructed and the use of Set-Ids (such as PID-1) in that process was identified. This is a discussion that needs to be picked back up again at the WGM in Atlanta.
  • The group gave feedback on the project and discussed the proper way to document conformance. There was not enough time to complete the discussion, time will be set aside at the WGM to discuss.


Todo Items

  • Nathan
    • Locate and/or prepare SWOT for review at WGM
    • Continue to work on resolution to workgroup health items
    • Will send announcement on tooling demo inviting tool makers to join

List of Open Issues

  • RCnL Update
  • Review of projects with Vocabulary
  • Separating conformance in Chapter 2 so it can be tracked separately from the HL7 version releases
  • Conformance concepts in FHIR (current status is available as Wiki page)