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Meeting Information

  • Date: Monday, August 10, 2015
    • Time: 4:00 pm, North America Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
    • Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270
    • Participant Passcode: 644843

Proposed Agenda Topics

  • Review of Open Issues
  • PBS Metrics issues PBS_MEtrics_20150721_interim.xls
    • 1 ballot requiring recirculation
    • 3 projects more than 120 days behind
    • 3 year plan items in project insight

Meeting Minutes


  • Nathan Bunker
  • Frank Oemig
  • Ioana Singureanu
  • Rob Snelick
  • Wendy Huang

Items Discussed

  • PBS Metrics Issues
    • 1 ballot requiring recirculation: RCnL. We have one open negative, but it's not applicable. What do we do now? Need to talk to Wendy Huang? Ioana sent to Lynn and we were CC'ed on it. Ioana will forward this email to Lynn to see why this is still open.
    • 3 projects more than 120 days behind: Projects in Insight. Wendy has taken care of this in the past, none of us are familiar with this. Frank contacted Wendy and was able to get the password to Project Insight. Now Frank is looking at Project Insight to see projects that are not being updated. CGIT has 6 projects. Sent out link to Project Insight Tip Sheet. All co-chairs should read before next meeting.
    • Wendy Huang joined the call by invitation of Frank. She is helping understand how to work on project insight. She is walking Frank through Project Insight and helping us update the projects correctly.
    • Question needs to be asked to Lynn Laasko about how to set the end date of the project. The key is probably changing the project end date.
    • 3 year plan is in the Wiki. Need to move it mover to Project Insight. Need to update and send to Lynn Laasko. Need to make new 3 year plan. Then we can ask to move to Project Insight. Projects are out-dated. Need to make adjustments.
  • Agenda for October Meeting needs be on next week's call
  • Meeting adjourned

Todo Items

  • All
    • Read Project Insight Tip Sheet
  • Ioana
    • Send email to Lynn Laasko about RCnL (COMPLETED)
  • Nathan
    • Will reach out to Lynn Laasko about how to determine which projects are behind
    • New page created for 3-year plan. Sent to co-chairs to review
    • Schedule the next two week meeting and send out proposed agenda and meeting invite for co-chairs (COMPLETED)

List of Open Issues

  • RCnL Update
  • Review of projects with Vocabulary
  • Separating conformance in Chapter 2 so it can be tracked separately from the HL7 version releases
  • Conformance concepts in FHIR (current status is available as Wiki page)

Summary of Todo Items from Previous Meetings

  • Ioana Singureanu will try to get us on one of their conference calls, see if we need to or if we can just circulate to that list of stake-holders.
  • Rob Snelick will create a PSS, sometime before May meeting.
  • Rob Snelick will contact Matt Grahame again a few weeks before May meeting to ask for an update on the MWB.
  • Nathan Bunker will download DMP, make changes, and upload it again.
  • Nathan Bunker will look to attend the Harmonization List Serve meetings.
  • Nathan Bunker will link to the NIST and other tools on the Wiki.