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CDS KA IG DSTU Update 1 2

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As part of the ongoing effort to harmonize CDS and HQMF artifact representation standards, the CDS artifact standard has been updated as a point release titled "CDS Knowledge Artifact Specification, DSTU Release 1.2". This update is available to HL7 members here. As a minor DSTU update, this new version will not go through the usual HL7 balloting process but will use the DSTU Update process with industry review on the HL7 wiki.

The full list of changes in this release is documented in the update and can be summarized as:

  1. Enumerations throughout the specification were simplified to remove the extension mechanism. This change is backwards compatible, so long as no artifact was using an extended enumeration value.
  2. Minor schema definition refactoring was performed to make schema definitions more consistent and reusable. These changes are backwards compatible.
  3. UpdateAction\actionSentence and Actor\actor elements were changed to be of type Expression. This change is not backwards compatible. Artifacts that contain instances of these elements will need to be updated.
  4. An annotation element was added to the base Expression type to allow expression logic to be decorated with application-specific information such as debug symbols or translation source descriptions. This change is backwards compatible.
  5. A new artifact type of ‘Library’ was introduced to allow artifacts to reuse components such as expression logic and action definitions. This change also enables the use of expression logic defined in formats other than HeD Schema.
  6. The mechanism for referencing actions was changed to use libraries, rather than the actionGroupReference element. This change is not backwards compatible. Artifacts that contain instances of this element will need to be updated.
  7. Reference documentation was reorganized and streamlined to reduce the size of this specification, as well as to better organize the reference material to reflect the order of presentation in the document.
  8. HeD Schema Framework was updated to use the latest version of the specification.

This comment period has closed, and the Knowledge Artifact Specification has a superseding update.


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