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CDA and Allergy/Intolerance & Adverse Reaction: Issues, Harmonization and Examples

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C-CDA and Allergy/Intolerance Harmonization Activities

DSTU Comments for CCDA 1.1 and 2 PC WG Allergies 2015 6 4 Submission.docx

  • Allergy/Intolerance - C-CDA harmonization discussions & decision documents:
- Allergy/Intolerance - C-CDA harmonization analysis
- Allergy/Intolerance - C-CDA harmonization decision: 2014-10-01
- Allergy/Intolerance - C-CDA Harmonization Table for R1.1 and R2.0: 2015-6-4
- Allergy/Intolerance - C-CDA Harmonization Table for R1.1 and R2.0: 2015-6-11
- Patient Care WG Letter to Structured Docs WG 2015-6-30
- Presentation to Structured Docs WG Re Criticality 2015-6-25
- C-CDA DSTU comments table as of 2015-9-21
  • "Undeprecating" Allergy Status Observation and Problem Status C-CDA Templates:
- C-CDA deprecated these two templates. The replacement solutions are inadequate for representing the rich clinical semantics required for asserting different clinical status types.
- A presentation was made at the September 2014 Chicago WGM to request "undeprecating" these two templates:
- Allergy and Problem Status C-CDA Templates Chicago WGM presentation and post WGM discussions 2014-10-07

C-CDA Examples

Questions are often raised regarding how certain demographic and clinical data should be represented using C-CDA templates.

Often there are disagreements on whether certain approaches in data representations are desirable, correct or constitute best practices.

Representation of allergy/intolerance and adverse reactions data in C-CDA Adverse Reaction Section and Entry templates is one such area where significant disagreements exist.

PCWG is collaborating with experts from Structured Document WG and other interested parties in developing:

  • Guidelines on how best to represent allergy/intolerance and adverse reactions using C-CDA templates
  • xml examples representing a variety of use cases

Link to C-CDA Example Task Force wiki page

The C-CDA Example Task Force is working on producing a number of xml examples to provide guidance on how different C-CDA templates can/should be used to exchange demographic and clinical data.