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CDA R3 allow HXIT in patient attributes

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Submitted by: Nick Radov Revision date: <<Revision Date>>
Submitted date: 09/20/2009 Change request ID: <<Change Request ID>>


Within a clinical document it's sometimes useful to know when particular patient attribute values were valid. For example, an old MRN could be superseded by a new format, people frequently move to new addresses, women get married and change family names, etc.

CDA R2 supports the EN.validTime property for names, but it doesn't allow use of the HXIT generic type extension for II, AD, and TEL values. It would be nice if CDA R3 could support HXIT attributes for other data types.


In CDA R3, allow use of the HXIT.validTime property for all of the identity and demographic attributes of the Patient and Person RIM classes.



We may get some of this automatically by virtue of using data types R2.

Recommended Action Items


April 6, 2010 SDWG: Grahame will update wiki page with recommendations. Sept 9, 2010: Committee will need to better understand use of HXIT, particularly as it applies to Header elements. Will add this proposal to workplan for now, without necessarily approving the use case. We need to determine if HXIT can be constrained in Header, and if so, where and how we would do it. Opposed: 0; abstain: 0; in favor: 13.