CDA IG Quality Minutes 2013-05-28

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CDA Implementation Guide Quality

Sub Group Meeting - May 28, 2013

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  • Andy Stechishin (chair) CANA Software & Services (AS)
  • Sean McIlvenna Lantana Group (SMc)
  • Sarah Gaunt - Lantana Group (SG)
  • Diana Behling - Iatric (DB)


  • No agenda posted - general discussion of issues encountered


  • Called to oder at 3:04 Eastern
  • AS spoke about reviewing the submitted 'compliance notes' wondered about the ability to make results public
    • SG Action Item - verify on Lantana preference for publishing compliance by Trifolia to quality criteria
  • The was a long discussion on how Quality Criteria are submitted to the group and the process to deal with new criteria. The group also wondered if continual evaluation of criteria was ongoing or if the previously identified criteria were the limit. AS believed that in setting up the group, the intent was that ongoing critieria would be submitted, evaluated and, when acceptable, integrated into the main Implementation Guide Tools.
  • The group determined that criteria should 'flow to' the group. The group would not be responsible for collected quality criteria from ballot reconciliation sheets, meeting minutes, et cetera.
  • The group discussed 3 options for the collection of new quality criteria:
    1. Create a GForge site with an issue tracker
    2. Use a mailing list for the collection of Quality suggestions
    3. Establish a Wiki page for people to record Quality suggestions
  • Action: DB - offer to take issue to Structured Docs for their preference

Adjourn 3:25 pm Eastern

Action Items

  1. AS will post minutes to wiki
  2. AS will update main page on wiki with schedule from PSS
  3. DB will discuss Quality criteria collection mechanisms with Structured Docs