CDA IG Quality Minutes 2013-04-16

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CDA Implementation Guide Quality

Sub Group Meeting - April 16, 2013

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  • Andy Stechishin (chair) - CANA Software & Services (AS)
  • Don Lloyd - HL7 International (DL)
  • Sean McIlvenna - Lantana Group (SMc)
  • Sean Muir (SMu)
  • Beck Matthews - NEHTA (RM)


  • No posted agenda - continued discussion from previous meeting


Called to order at 3:04 pm Eastern

DL observation - needs to apply to both publication and ballot, DL to make suggestion

DL to review current criteria and provide additional requirements/comments

  • Clarifications not voted (group consensus)

SMu - need exemplar, what the submitted artifacts should look like DL - HL7 tries to provide in current materials(general countdown provides a sample cover page) SMu - approved within committee? is there a process? DL - can't guarantee cover page won't change per ballot, though it is fairly stable SMu - preference for DITA AS - may be reasonable to announce the approval of the new cover pages, and provide a description of the changes to the cover page

Adjourn 3:56 pm Eastern