C-CDA Implementation-a-Thon 2018 January - New Orleans

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January 25-26, 2018 (9am-5pm) Loyola University Danna Student Center The Learn Lab (2nd Floor) 6363 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70118

Campus Map: campus-map-april-2016.pdf

  • With this IAT, the project team is using Confluence for information that has been kept on the Wiki in past IATs.

For those that cannot browse the Confluence page, we've copied the info below (Last Updated: Jan, 16, 2018)

Jan 16, 2018 4pm ET IAT Prep Call Video Recording


  • Work through scenarios and discussion items
  • Uncover issues and/or pain points with C-CDA 2.1


Day 1

  1. Introductions / Housekeeping (09h00 to 09h30)
  2. Homework scenarios (09h30 to 12h00)
  3. Lunch (12h00 to 13h00)
  4. Discussion (13h00 to 14h00)
  5. Ask the ONC (14h00 to 14h30)
  6. Homework scenarios (14h30 to 17h00)

Day 2

  1. Homework Scenarios (09h00 to 10h00)
  2. Discussion (10h00 to 12h00)
  3. Lunch (12h00 to 13h00)
  4. Ask the ONC (13h00 to 13h30)
  5. Homework Scenarios (13h30 to 15h30)
  6. Discussion (15h30 to 16h30)
  7. Wrap up (16h30 to 17h00)


  • Participants are expected to review the homework scenarios below and bring exchange-ready C-CDA R2.1 instances. Unless specifically noted, participants can use anything for provider, patient, author, document dates, encounter dates, etc.

Care Plan Scenarios

Medication Section Scenarios

Clinical Note Template Scenarios

Discussion Items

  1. C-CDA Scorecard
  2. VSAC Update Process
    1. Value set and/or vocabulary maintenance:
      1. How are updates pushed, disseminated, etc.
      2. Process to add terminology from a POS.