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Business process architecture

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C.4.4.2 Subtask 4.2 - Enterprise Architecture Activities

The Federal and Department of Defense Architecture Framework are intended to ensure that the architecture descriptions developed by the various Departments, Commands, Services, and Agencies are comparable between and among each organization's operational, systems, and technical architecture views, and are comparable and across Military departments and multi-national organizational boundaries. The Contractor shall:

  • Establish linkages or threads that tie together the views of an

enterprise architecture

  • Provide an audit trail that relates current and postulated

systems to measures of effectiveness for mission operations

  • Represent the tasks and activities, operation elements and

information flows required to accomplish or support selected views.

  • Represent the Government in formulating processes and procedures

for change management at the enterprise level; collecting the required change items; and defining the relationships between functional requirements and the change items that must be established in the government furnished automated tool.

C.4.4.3 Subtask 4.3 - Health Data Program Activities The Military Health System Health Data Program was established to guide, promote and coordinate the planning, implementation, and execution of policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines necessary to attain the goals of the Military Health System Data Administration Strategic Plan and comply with the requirements defined in DoD Directive 8320.1. These efforts will promote data sharing by improving the accuracy, timeliness, consistency, standardization, and worth of health data. The goals of the Health Data Program are to promote, coordinate and ensure consistency across the Military Health System. In order to accomplish this goal the contractor shall:

  • Develop, implement and maintain common data processes, data

administration procedures and tools

  • Implement data quality, security and change management processes

and initiatives

  • Develop and implement an effective data administration


  • Establish performance metrics, policy and procedures and

determine the business value of data administration activities.

  • Develop and implement information management and repository

solutions and tools

  • Develop and implement standard data definitions
  • Coordinate data administration education and training
  • Establish, approve, implement and maintain requirements for

models, methods, tools, data, and information technology

  • Represent the Government in formulating processes and procedures

for Change management at the Military Health System Enterprise level.

  • Collect required change items.
  • Define the relationship between functional requirement and the

change item that must be entered in the automated tool

  • Assist in the generation of data standards assuring adopted

standards are included in the functional requirements management tool.

  • Review Department of Defense Data Standards Proposal Package

Review and develop selected standards in support of Joint Steward or Communities interest Report

  • Develop Glossary, Terminology, and Forms data description

mapping, integration and standards documentation.

C.4.4.4 Subtask 4.4 - Furnish assistance to Enterprise Architecture and Data Management Process Activities

The contractor shall furnish direct support to:

  • Create information papers, briefings, letters and memoranda

related to Operational Architecture and Data Standards

  • Conduct map and gap analysis between Information Systems and

Operational Architecture and Data Standards

  • Analyze DoD regulations to ensure compliance with Operational

Architecture and Data Standards

  • Provide Data Map/Gap content analysis and reports to justify

standards selection and formulation for selected Military Health System infrastructure patterns/views.

  • Support initiatives to fully implement the following business

processes: Access to Care, Provision of Health Services, Population Health Management and Manage the Business including, but not limited to, assisting in the provision of secure, timely and accurate information to approved Information Management customers.

  • Assist in Military Health System compliance with the Health

Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA Tony Julian