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BodySite FHIR Resource Proposal

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Proposed Resource Name

bodysite BodySite

Owning committee name

Orders and Observations

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

  • Anatomic Pathology

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

see Gforge Comment #3600. Summary harmonize representation of bodysite among existing resources using choice of codeableConcept|reference(BodySite). The BodySite resource will define anatomic location with more discrete elements. New resource: Identifier (site), code, with several other concepts.

RIM scope


Resource appropriateness

meets the following characteristics:

  • Represents a well understood, "important" concept in the business of healthcare - see open EHR anatomic location archetype
  • Represents a concept expected to be tracked with distinct, reliable, unique ids - yes
  • Reasonable for the resource to be independently created, queried and maintained - yes

Expected implementations


Content sources

open EHR anatomic location archetype and VA has a LEGO that is very close to our BodySite class in QUICK.

Example Scenarios

research studies, monitoring a lesion, oncology, imaging

Resource Relationships

Observation, DiagnosticOrder, Specimen, Condition, Procedure, MedicationAdministration, ( Immunization ), ImagingStudy


March 22, 2015

gForge Users

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