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August 4th 2009 Security Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting



  1. (05 min) Roll Call, Approve Minutes & Accept Agenda
  2. (15 min) Ballot Dates to Remeber
  • Dates to Remember
    • Ballot Opens: August 10th
    • Ballot Closes: September 14th
  • Reconcilation will occur during September WG Meeting (Atlanta)- Thursday Q?
  1. (15 min) Operations Definitions - KNOWN Issue

Major/Minor Negative possibilities? The current ballot has operation vocabulary terms and defintions. There is no authoritative source for the 'new' operation terms. The defintions should cite an authoritative source. This is a known issue, will the changes be substantive? This clearly depends on the changes are just editorial or change the intent of the meaning of the document--in some cases it may not be. We currently have defintions already in the ballot so citing the verified sources may/may not be substantive. We would like to add these sources so that it doesn't appear we invented the term and the definition.

  1. (15 min) HL7 Risk Document - request for comments reminder
  1. (5 min) Other Business

Action Items

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