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August 28, 2013 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (chair and scribe)


Project Review


  • SAIF Webinar
  • UML


  • Begin discussion of policies and procedures needed by Education WG - Patrick

Online Certification Testing

  • Status - Sharon

Action Item Followup

  • Provide a list of types of educational delivery methods that we are able to offer - create a wiki page or 1 pager - Melva/Sharon
Action: Sharon to create the list - target by the end of July 2013 - done
Action - Melva to post - still outstanding
Action:  Sharon to create more general information on the webinars and resources - 
  • Create a wishlist for webinars - send out to List serve and create wiki page to track - Melva/Sharon
Action:  Melva to create and send out - done - no responses as yet
Action: Melva to send out a reminder
Action:  Sharon to send list of Webinars based on survey - Complete
Action:  Melva to post
  • Talk to International Council - Webinar for HL7 Around the World - Melva
Action: Melva to talk to IC co-chairs
  • Certification Enhancement Project - Australia may be interested in starting up again
Action: Melva to Followup with Amy
  • Create a dashboard of tutorials planned/held including numbers of attendees and numbers cancelled - Melva/Mary Ann
Action:  Mary Ann will update from May and January WGM
Action:  Melva to create a wiki page - done
Action - Mary Ann to send to Melva - complete 
Action:  Melva and Mary Ann to discuss further
  • Membership Committee - raise Education Portal for Universities as a membership benefit - Diego
Action:  Diego will raise this with Membership Committee
  • Discussion of adding other SDO content to our tutorials*
Action: add to agenda for Cambridge WGM - complete 
Action:  Melva to followup with Mark
  • Education Outreach - Kenya
Action:  Diego to follow up with Kenyans about eLearning course
  • Tutorial Planning for January 2014
Action: Mary Ann to start drafting and will forward out
  • Online Certification Testing
Action: Diego will be discussing with the Affiliates the impact of this
Action:  will discuss with International Council co-chairs

Education Portal

  • Status

Agenda for Cambridge

Cambridge Education WGM Agenda

Education Outreach - Kenya

  • Status - this is an outstanding task

eLearning update (Diego)

Tutorial Planning for January 2014


Next meeting

  • Next teleconference - September 9 - at 12 noon Eastern