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August 24, 2015 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)
  • Sharon Chaplock (HQ Staff)
  • Diego Kaminker

Quorum: No

Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Education Chair Resignation

  • Thank you to Ken Chen for all of his efforts on the Education WG - he has resigned

Education WG Transformation

  • Discussion

File:Education Work Group Transformation (v0.2).docx

Implementers Project Team Update

  • update

Tutorial Grid for January

  • review draft

File:January 2016 tutorials Orlando.xlsx


  • We are trying to think of ways to bring more people to the summits.
  • One of the things we might try next year is turning one of these into a 2 day session for implementers. Maybe we could offer 2-3 concurrent topics that are shorter than tutorials but give information on specific topics that may appeal to people who don’t develop standards or traditionally come to our WGMS
*Here are some ideas:
    • C-CDA examples templates – what are they and why you should use them
    • Mobile Heath and HL7 – what to expect in the coming year
    • How FHIR will change the double blind placebo clinical trial
    • NIST MU Testing Tools for HL7 MU Standards
    • SMART on FHIR Apps
    • Implementation case studies from various members on how use of HL7 standards help them do something better, faster, cheaper (e.g., produced results)
    • A couple of policy sessions, maybe one on MU3, one on 21st Century Cures
    • Maybe a sessions where implementers tell us what their needs are
    • Report our on progress against industry roadmap
    • Report out on the HL7 Roadmap (article that Ed, Stan, Chuck and Doug F are writing)
    • A session on UDI
    • A session on progress toward a patient identifier

Study Guides (Sharon)

  • Project to update

Education Portal Tour (Sharon)

Implementers Certificate PSS


  • SAIF Webinar
    • will be recorded at the WGM
    • Feb 5, 2014: Ron's day job interfered with his available time to record. He is looking to reschedule but no word yet.
    • May 21, 2014: Ron still has not had the time to engage the SAIF Webinar
    • June 4: No updates since last conference call, Melva will continue to follow up
    • October 1, 2014: No update
    • February 18, 2015: No update
  • Patrick: We don't want to lose the knowledge for SAIF since it an important part of the standard
Action: Melva follow up with Lorraine again about SAIF Webinar - email sent November 10 - Will be reviewed on ARB next week

Tutorial Planning

  • Core tutorials on HL7 Standards, and have specialized tutorials alternated between WGM
  • Start with the January WGM tutorials
  • Rene Spronk has some draft stats on Education events that will be discussed in Chicago
  • Continue discussion of stats that would be useful
    • Education Offering Dashboard
      • This was an action item allocated to me during the WGM in Chicago. The usefulness of the various metrics probably merits additional discussion. Once there is agreement on a 'starter set of metrics' we'll have to create a mechanism to actually get hold of them.
    • Rene has created the statistics wiki page.
    • Number that Rene has on the wiki is not consistent to the actual numbers
  • Focus on HL7 HQ stats first and quality measures.
  • Location included in the statistic as may impact attendance/participation
  • February 18, 2015: No update
  • March 18, 2015: No update
Action: Education WG Members to review Wiki page for next teleconference
Action: Education WG Members are asked to send suggestions for other stats or types of stat to capture
Action:  Melva to review existing stats and compare to spreadsheet

Discussion of Certification Exams and Ed Summits

  • v2 Workshop Project
    • Ken and Diego have been working on the update to the PSS
    • Diego will follow what Virginia has been doing at Columbia
    • Diego will have a proposal on the next teleconference
    • Damien still interested in working with project
    • Virginia indicated interest also
    • March 18, 2015: No activity. Ken to provide new target dates for the next Education call
Action: Ken to provide an update on the PSS as soon as possible

Updates to the Certification exams

  • Sharon has analyzed the certifications and will need to possibly revise the questions.
    • Sharon would like to create a taskforce to review the questions on the exams.
      • Qualifications needed to be on the taskforce:
        • The group will be comprised of volunteers from the tutorial speaker pool to review the certification exam
        • Must have attended/audit the actual tutorial
        • Must be approved by the Education Committee
    • Sharon is working on an outline for a plan and guidelines for updates to existing and also for developing FHIR into a Certification Exam
    • Will bring back more information after meeting with Melva, Sharon and Mary Ann in August
    • Discussion of planning item back writing session during January 2015 WGM
      • Difficult to pull in the resourses (SME) to find time to collaborate and focus on questions during WGM.
  • Sharon Provided updates on v2 and cda exams
    • Sharon has all she needs for V2
    • For CDA waiting for a response
    • By the end of February to mid march Sharon will have the updated exam
    • Rene – IHE has new exam on the international level
    • Virginia suggested that we should know what IHE is doing
    • Melva asked Sharon if she had a contact with IHE- She did not
    • Rene had information on IHE and will send information
  • March 18, 2015 - CDA beta version - Sharon to check with Calvin on the status; V2 updates are complete

HL7 V2 Exam Updates

  • PSS will need to update the course
    • March 18, 2015 - no update
Action:Patrick creating PSS

MLM Certification

  • Suggestion from Virginia for a certification test for "Medical Logic Modules"====
    • Its very stable, self-contained, and people are hired as MLM developers. Several large EHR vendors use MLM as the way of programming custom CDS into their systems. We use it at NYP. A certification in this might look good on a resume
    • Discussion: need more details and consider how it fits with Arden Syntax WG
  • Virginia will reach out to Arden Syntax to see if they can join call in 2 weeks
Action: Ginny will share Arden Syntax WGM minutes
Action:  Include on agenda for Paris WGM - Monday Q3,4 or Thursday Q1
Action: Ginny will reach out to the Arden Syntax WG Chair to collaborate with this certification test.
Action: Ginny will try to invite them to the call.

Learning Partners Proposal

  • The motion from the Education WG to the Executive Committee RE Learning Partners Program failed. Most EC members found several issues with the proposal. They suggested that if the committee wishes to bring it back that the advantages to HL7 must be more clearly identified.
  • Based on discussion in Paris, next step is to raise with International Council to determine if there is an interest in pursuing.
Action: Melva to raise with International Council

Student Internship Project (Tom Maroon)

  • Tom reached out to see if Education would pilot the project - Melva had a discussion that Education isn't in a position to pilot as we don't work in this space as a group
    • Melva invited Tom to join an Education call
    • Leave this on the agenda for next call

Policies and Processes

  • During Education Lunch in Paris, a number of policies and procedures were discussed:
    • Review cycle for Tutorial Specs
    • Update tutorials to new versions of standards
    • Provision of slide decks to HQ

Inventory of Tutorials and associated Specifications

  • Action item from Paris to create


Next meeting

  • Next meeting - October 3, 2015 at 11am Eastern