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April 17, 2012 Security Working Group Conference Call

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Security Working Group Meeting


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  1. (05 min) Roll Call; Approve [[[April 10, 2012 Security Working Group Conference Call Minutes]]; Accept Agenda – Presiding Cochair
  2. (10 min) Action Item Status Updates - Mike Davis
  3. (40 min) HL7 Comments on Meaningful Use Stage 2 Security and Privacy Requirements Presentation and WG review - Kathleen Connor
  4. (05 min) Action Items and possible next call agenda items


John Moehrke, presiding cochair, asked for a Motion to accept Agenda and approve April 10 meeting minutes Motion: Suzanne, second: Bill (8 -0 - 0) Action Item Status Updates:

  • Tony: Conduct email outreach by listserve and personal e-mails to Security WG to make sure people sign up to vote on the Ontology – See Tony’s Email Message – Completed
  • John to follow up with EHR WG about Security’s interest in remaining cosponsor on EHR Metadata Profile project – See Email John’s Message - Completed

John discussed his follow up message. Discussion noted that this is out for pre-ballot comment only. Recommend that we review and comment. We plan on brining all comments together at the Security WG; requesting that WG members review Metadata Profile capabilities and bring comments to pre-ballot closing calls. Comments will be consolidated and presented as one batch from the Security group. These should be coordinated with the CBCC WG.

HL7 Comments on Meaningful Use Stage 2 Security and Privacy Requirements

  • Kathleen presented on NPRM provisions, questions, and proposed response. She will update presentation and comments per WG direction and submit to HL7 Policy Committee Wednesday April 18th.

Other Business

Action Items

  • Kathleen: Report back on HL7 Policy Committee review of Security WG MU Stage 2 Comments; follow up on efforts to engage MnM on discussion of intent for Act.confidentialityCode “isDocumentCharacteristic”=true
  • Suzanne: Progress with May 2012 meeting agenda

Meeting adjourned at 10:58PST / 13:58EST Back to Security Main Page