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April 1, 2016 Financial Management Work Group Conference Call

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Conference Call Schedule

  • Occurs on Fridays, 4 PM Eastern
  • Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 686300# (alternative for US if the first number doesn't work: +1 888-321-4501)


Member Name
Kathleen Connor Co-chair x
Beat Heggli Co-chair x
Paul Knapp Co-chair x
John Moehrke Security Co-Chair
Lorraine Constable x
Andy Stechishin x
Mark Scrimshire
Grahame Grieve
Corey Spears
Mary Kay McDaniel


  • FHIR Vocabulary
  • v2.9 Backlog needing next steps
    • Proposal 718 was not include in Chapter 4 for V2.9 12-01-2011 FM call minuteswith final approval on Jan 5, 2012.
    • Note: Proposal 720 is calling for a new field as well, but it's not in the proposal list. Assuming that was approved as well, that field must be placed after the fields from Proposal 718 as there was agreement to use positions 44 through 53 to allow for pre-adoption and minimize risk of change.
    • v2.9 proposal by Frank Oemig and Beat Heggli, which needs a formal proposal, motion, and acceptance:
  • Issue: the problem is that the two PRT - and also ROL - segments at the beginning of the two message structures are optional and only separated by optional segments. So there is no way to identify whether PRT or ROL are used before or after PV1/PV2.
  • Recommendation is to introduce an optional group for visit information, starting with PV1 making it required in this optional group. Semantically and from an ER7 point of view it would stay the same. The XML schema generation would result in a different structure, but that is fine because it solves a problem.
  • Next steps per Hans: Someone needs to edit Chapter 6 to make the updates. Since V2.9 got postponed, no immediate rush, but best to wrap it up as soon as possible so we can make sure all the tables and cross-dependencies are addressed. As soon as Beat has made all the updates, it needs to go to Brian Pech, Jane Daus, and Lynn Laakso.


  • Reviewed next steps for moving previously approved V.2 Proposal 718 to publication.
  • Reviewed Frank's proposed change would create a group called Visit with one required segment. Beat moved; Andy seconded. 4-0-0.

V.2 Proposal 718

As part of the various internal charge transactions to support the external claims transactions, a number of DME fields need to be able to be transacted. Rather than taking a z-segment approach, we believe there is a common need for those, so we like to propose addition of these fields to the FT1 segment.

At this time we do not think we can add further scope to V2.8, so the objective is to have the Financial Management workgroup pass a motion on January 5, 2012, to accept the attached proposal, with whatever agreed to modifications through this discussion up through the workgroup's conference call, so those interested in using these fields can consider pre-adopting this, with a known risk that the final ballot may yield further changes. We believe this approach is less risky (assuming the workgroup approves the proposal) than to take a z-segment approach and then have to change it, or never change it.

The proposal has three elements that should be agreed to in sequence: • Add a number of DME related fields as FT1 attributes • Either add the PRT segment after the FT1 wherever used with a new participation code for Exempted Investigational Device, or add that as an FT1 attribute as well. Adding a PRT segment increases flexibility and aligns with both similar changes in other V2 chapters as well as V3's approach to participation. • If it is agreed to add the PRT segment, deprecate a number of fields that can be covered by PRT. This is not necessary to do, but would yield consistency and avoid any confusion where to value certain fields. Based on the discussion on the list serve and the January 5 discussion, we plan to make a motion to accept the resulting updated proposal and put it into the V2.9 queue.