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Act Reference Query parameter RegistrationprocessActCode

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Act Reference Query parameter RegistrationprocessActCode

  • E-mail from Alexander Henket 20100112:


In dealing with the R-MIM QUMT_RM020020UV Act Reference Query we found that the cardinality of the query parameter RegistrationprocessActCode seems to be off.

The current cardinality of this parameter is 0..* which seems to imply that there could be such as thing as an Act Reference that has two or more RegistrationprocessActCodes because multiple occurrences of a parameter would work as an AND operator.

We feel that it would be more beneficial if the RegistrationprocessActCode contained a value attribute with cardinality 1..* of type SET<CD> CWE, so you could ask for objects with RegistrationprocessActCode x OR y.

Use case: give me act references for patient 123456789 that have the type "ordered medication", "dispensed medication", or "administered medication"

What would be the procedure to get this change to the already normative model considered?


Alexander Henket HL7 Lead Nictiz The Netherlands

  • 20100120: TO be considered for Shared messages next release. Tony will contact alexander.
  • Rene: Note that the request is based in a precursor of the current normative Registration CACT wrapper. The attribute value he intends to query on is now no longer supported in RegistrationProcess, it's now in a DEFinition mood Act just to the side of RegistrationProcess. See D-MIM of the domain. Rene spronk 14:37, 13 March 2010 (UTC)