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AID - Baltimore, MD - September 2016

Sunday, September 18


chair: James Agnew scribe: Andy Stechishin


  1. Administrative (max. 5 minutes)
  2. Gil Alterovitz - FHIR Genomics Track
  3. Brian Postlethwaite -
  4. Todd Cooper - FHIR Devices Track
  5. Adjournment


Motion: Approve WGM minutes from Atlanta (Oct 2015), Orlando (Jan 2016) and Montreal (May 2016) Andy/Richard 1 abstain - motion carried

Presentation 1: FHIR Genomics - Gil Alteroitz

Presentation 2: FluentPath - Brian Postlethwait

Presentation 3: Authoring system for Chemotherapy Order Templates - Lee Suprenant

There was a discussion on how to promote the Sunday sessions so that more connectathon participants come forward to present.


chair: James Agnew scribe: Andy Stechishin

Presentation 4: KIMBO - Karl Holzer

Presentation 5: FHIR Claims and Eligibility - Benoit Schoefler

Benoit presented the ALmerys applications (client and servers) that were developed for the Connectathon. Benoit demonstrated the components for claims, claim responses, eligibility, attachments. Almerys has put the FHIR interface for eligibility into production using a SOAP based exchange and is processing 500,000-600,000 transactions a day. Benoit believes the use of REST interfaces will come with mobile apps built by the payers for the providers to use in determining eligibility

Presentation 6: Discussion of mapping the PV1 Segment to FHIR Locations - Simone Heckman

Simone presented two options for mapping between the PV1 segment in HL7 2 messages into FHIR Locations/Organization resources. The first option focused on the necessity of building a deep heirarchy of Locations required to identify beds within rooms within wards within ... The second option dealt with a 'light' location scenario, where the patient location only needs to be known in 'general' terms (i.e. the 'lab'). Simone presented a detailed discussion of the two approaches which will be posted on David Hay's FHIR blog. Andy commented on the value of the discussion and would like to identify some way to collect this knowledge for use by HL7 members and invited people to make suggestions on the best way to publish this information. Dale had a question on general processing of ADT v2 messages into FHIR Encounters and Locations.

Presentation 7: FHIR Implementation Guide Editor - Michel Rutten

Michel demonstrated the Implementation Guide editor features that are being built into There is a Markdown editor with preview and some additional markdown functions that allow for the inclusion of profiles in the various FHIR forms (collapsible srtructure, UML)


  • Andy reminded everyone of the meetings during the week, Monday Q3 and Wednesday Q1
  • Andy also mentioned the AID co-chair election and encouraged those that belonged to the AID list-serve to cast a vote

Monday, September 19


chair: Andy Stechishin scribe: Andy Stechishin


  1. Administrative
    • MOTION to approve of the Software Implementation of CDA whitepaper, as an accurate reflection of current CDA implementation best practices, the whitepaper will be up for renewal in May 2017.
  2. User presentations / implementation experiences
  3. "AID Plan Going forward"
    1. Future Out Of Cycle meetings
    2. Working with FHIR - Sunday quarters
  4. Other topics


  1. Approve white paper
  2. Motion: Approve the CDA Implementation WP to go to ballot in the May 2017 cycle JA/BP 2-0-2 (Wayne/Geoff)
  3. User presentation - Clinical Research and AID Geoff Low

Wednesday, September 21


chair: Andy Stechishin scribe: Andy Stechishin

  1. Administrative
  2. Project and issue review
    1. Project #550 - Whitepaper review: project details, List of AID Whitepapers
    2. Project #1178 - Implementation Packages
    3. Issue List Category:AID_Issue
  3. Other topics


Name Init. Affiliation Email Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
STECHISHIN, Andy AS CANA Software & Services Ltd. × × × ×
PECH, Brian BP Kaiser Permanente × × ×
KAVANAGH, Richard RKv Health & Social Care Information Centre ×
NELSON, Dale DN Accenture × ×
LOW, Geoff GLo MD Solutions × × ×
KRAMER, Ewout EK Furore ×
HECKMANN, Simone SHe HL7 Germany Voter #19 × ×
KRAUSS, Oliver OK University of Hagenbeg × ×
HOLZER, Karl KaH × ×
MANDEL, Joshua JM Boston Children's Hospital ×
TAYLOR, Michael MiT Michigan Health × ×
SCRIMSHIRE, Mark MSc Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ×
MENDIVIL, Melissa MMe Optum ×
LOMAYESVA, Paul PL InterSystems ×
MICHAELSEN, Linda LMi Optum ×
SCHOEFFLER, Benoit BS almerys ×
KHATEEB, Inger IKh Helse Vest IKT ×
ETTEMA, Richard RE, Inc. × ×
HENKET, Alexander AH HL7 Netherlands ×
ALLEN, Kurt KA PenRad ×
DAL, Hugh HDa Lilly ×
ABU AJAMI, Mohammad MoA DevoTeam ×
RUTTEN, Michel MRu Furore ×
JORDAN, Peter PJ HL7 New Zealand ×
KNAPP, Paul PK Knapp Consulting Inc. ×
BOUSSETTA, Fahmi FBo Almerys ×
ROSSIGNOL, Guillaume GR Almerys ×
AGNEW, James JA University Health Network-Toronto × × ×
KUBICK, Wayne WK HL7 International ×