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2018 05 09 Minutes - Technical Team

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Alex, Lisa


  • Review current rendering
  • Make plan for Cologne meeting - Monday Q3

Discussion Points

  • Reviewed the color changes in the stylesheet
  • Added a treatment for sections with no information
  • Lisa will make a ppt for the meeting that address key questions
    • Summarize completed bug fixes and improvements
    • Describe the new CDA R2.1 Style Sheet and how it works
      • called pragmatically versus used in a browser
      • note it is non-normative artifact that is not considered a part of the standard
    • Where do you get it
    • How do you use it
    • Where is the documentation?
    • How will bugs be reported, enhancements be requested?
    • Motion to accept our Request to Publish
  • Still need to:
    • Add more documentation about the stylesheet
      • Documentation will be on the wiki
    • Address how to report bugs and request enhancements
  • Open Issues
    • Check for additional CDA R2.1 Null Flavors
    • Look at TOK for accordian to reveal sub sections
    • Look at width of TOK for sections with no information
    • Make variables for color scheme

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be scheduled once we have progress to report on the action items taken in this meeting