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20180703 US Realm SC Call

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US Realm Steering Committee Call Agenda/Minutes


Date: 2018-07-03
Time: 1 PM Eastern
Co-Chairs Ed/Brett Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee / Name
Calvin Beebe Keith Boone Hans Buitendijk
Lorraine Constable x Johnathan Coleman x Ed Hammond
x Tony Julian Paul Knapp x Austin Kreisler
x Brett Marquard Ken McCaslin Nancy Orvis
Brian Pech x Wayne Kubick x Christol Green
x Sandra Stuart . Pat Van Dyke . Craig Parker
Danielle Friend x Eric Haas . Jenni Syed
Steve Posnak . David Susanto . John Roberts
Visitor/ Name
x Irina Connelly x Jay Lyle
Quorum: Chair + 7




  • Should we adopt TSC attendance policy?
  • Review of Mission and Charter


  • Review items
    • Electronic Long-Term Services and Supports (eLTSS) Service Plan PSS - Irina Connelly
      • Irina describes the project. The data elements are a mix – some administrative elements and some related to activities of daily living. CDS WG is interested in the future things that the project might do. Project led by CMS and ONC. Ed asks how they’re interacting with CDA and FHIR. Irina responds that with CDA, they are using existing templates. With FHIR, they are also using existing resources with some tweaks. Austin: Should submit some STU comments against C-CDA 2.1 on changes needed to accommodate this work. Discussion over involvement of the Georgia Department of Community Health. Austin asks how much content was externally developed. Irina states that content is being developed outside of HL7 but reviewed on HL7 calls/meetings. Johnathan Coleman is a CBCP cochair and confirms they have made good effort to coordinate with CBCP. Ed states he’d like to see the groups become increasingly intertwined with HL7.
        • MOTION to approve: Austin/Sandy
        • VOTE: All in favor
  • Adjourned at 1:30 pm Eastern

Meeting Outcomes

Next Meeting/Preliminary Agenda Items

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