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20180518 PLA WGM

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HL7 PLA Call Minutes

Location: Salon 19, Würzburg

Date: 2018-05-18
Time: 8:00 AM
Facilitator Mary Kay/ Austin Note taker(s) Anne
Attendee Name

x Calvin Beebe
x Lorraine Constable
Jean Duteau,
Tony Julian
x Paul Knapp
Austin Kreisler,
x Mary Kay McDaniel
Brian Pech
x Wayne Kubick
John Roberts
Andy Stechishin
x Sandy Stuart
no quorum definition


  • Discussion
    • CIMI-MG
    • V2MG
    • Future of PLA


  • Discussion
    • CIMI-MG
      • Discussion: CIMI may not be ready yet for a product family management group. Would a management group help? Without a firm focus, a management group may not be appropriate. Discussion over what the trip point is for starting a management group. Perhaps it’s when people are using the models outside of CIMI. Paul: If CIMI is guiding outside groups in the creation of things and content needs to be governed, maybe that’s it. Calvin: Until they start balloting domain content, perhaps that’s right. Lorraine: They’re working hard, but they’re not making progress and there’s lots of dissent. Even if we’re not setting up a MG, there are problems we can’t ignore. They don’t have tooling to generate FHIR profiles. They have the reference model finished.
        • MK will do some research and make a page for PLA
        • May hold back on CIMI-MG right now, depending on where things are at.
        • Wayne will reach out to Stan to get his take
        • Lorraine to forward email regarding CIMI road map
        • Paul to attend a few CIMI calls to assess the situation
    • V2MG
      • Deadline was May 8. Have a variety of candidates. Will update TSC on 2018-06-04. Got some more interest in it at this meeting. Did an initial review of candidates.
    • Future of PLA
      • Discussion over when to disband. Will suspend if we need to.

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